“The Blacklist” continues to trickle out information regarding the identity of Agent Keen’s (Megan Boone) paternity, with the Season 4 premiere adding a couple small conversations to the growing list of reasons why Reddington (James Spader) is actually Liz’s father.

When Red finds Liz and her supposed biological father Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen), a.k.a. Constantin Rostov, the two maybe-daddies face off with a very telling exchange of dialogue.

First Kirk tells Liz that her mother, Katarina (Lotte Verbeek), had an affair with Red and that for a while Kirk thought Liz was Red’s daughter. He has kidnapped her and baby Agnes to make up for the “26 years of being a father that [Red] took from [him].”

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“She was never yours to raise,” says Red — and does he mean because “Masha” was actually his daughter?

Kirk later tells Liz that he’s dying from a blood disorder, a fact the viewers were made privy to in the two-part Season 3 finale when we saw Kirk receiving blood transfusions.

Raise your hand if you think Kirk’s actual motive for wanting Liz and/or Agnes are to treat his disease — and raise your other hand if you think it’s via these medical procedures that we’ll find out Liz isn’t related to Kirk.

It also seems highly likely that Kirk was involved in what happened to Red’s wife and child that we’ve heard about since the show began. As Kirk says to Red, “Unlike you, I would never hurt my own daughter,” which indicates that Kirk knows about what happened to them and perhaps was getting a dig in at Red because he killed them as revenge for Red taking Liz away.

Either way, it looks like the “who is Liz’s father?” question is still very much up in the air … and probably will be for the duration of the series.