Corey Feldman. Great child actor.

Corey Feldman. Not so great adult musician.

The actor-turned-rocker, backed by his band Corey’s Angels, hit NBC’s “Today” show on Friday with a performance of his single “Go For It” that left viewers buzzing… and not for good reason.

Corey, 45 (yes, Corey Feldman is now 45! Feeling old yet?), recently released a new album dubbed “Angelic 2 the Core,” which features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg and Fred Durst.

But enough about the album. Watch that “Today” show performance… and after that, check out some of Corey’s other, shall we say, memorable music extravaganzas (which we first compiled in March).

Corey Feldman’s music career — truly a gift that keeps on giving…

‘Something in Your Eyes’

It’s unclear exactly why Corey Feldman was tapped to guest host the show “Improv Tonight,” but the young actor brought his own unexpected cringeworthy comedy with a performance of “Something in Your Eyes.” From “Dream a Little Dream,” Feldman co-wrote with Michael Damian (“The Young and the Restless”). If that doesn’t ring a bell, Damian also had this hit track in 1989.

‘What’s Up With the Youth’ on Howard Stern’s ‘Channel 9 Show’

Prepare yourself for a very bizarre performance. In 1992, Howard Stern had his “Channel 9 Show.” Looking very public access, here you can see a younger Stern — shaved head and all — as he and his background performers get down to Feldman’s track, “What’s Up With the Youth.” It’s … uh … just watch.

‘Honesty’ on Much Music’s ‘Electric Circus’

A year after appearing on Stern’s odd TV show, Corey Feldman took a trip to Canada’s Much Music and performed his song “Honesty.” It could be the long collared blazer or the spastic, unrehearsed dance moves, but this live performance could probably pass for performance art in some circles.

‘Ascension Millennium’ at the State College Spikes baseball game

Jumping from 1993 to 2015, this video of Corey Feldman playing his song “Ascension Millennium’ — which can be quite the annoying little ear worm — finds the “TMNT” actor performing on a small stage in front of … uh, some people. The crowd looks small and the whole thing is a trainwreck.

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Kudos to Feldman for sticking through the duration of the song. From the poorly executed Michael Jackson dance moves to getting caught up in cords, he sure was a trooper. Hey, we’re trying to look at this positively, OK?

In case you needed a reminder, here’s the official music video for “Ascension Millennium.” You’re welcome.

Sure, it’s very likely Corey Feldman and Corey’s Angels will never find themselves at a packed arena or stadium tour. Still, with friends like Skrillex … anything’s possible?