Of all the new shows that aired over the past summer, one stands out as the most bizarre. From the minds of “Good Wife” creators Robert and Michelle King, “BrainDead” became the sleeper series to watch — yet no one was watching. And that’s not a surprise given the subject matter, the way the story was presented and the network it ended up on.

With Sunday’s (Sept. 11) back-to-back finale episodes, one has to wonder if the show will return for a Season 2 next year. Nothing has been announced as-of-yet but … would the story be as interesting after this bizarre campaign seasons ends?

“BrainDead” feels like a cross between “Mars Attacks” and “The West Wing,” and that’s oversimplifying things. The series follows the story of a group of politicians in Washington as their brains are manipulated by space bugs.

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It may be odd to see a sci-fi series like this on CBS, yet let this be a reminder that channel has been known to pull a few fast ones on us — ahem, “Under the Dome.”

Now that the show’s 12-episode run has come to a close — with a bunch of the storylines being tied up in the process — will more episodes of “BrainDead” be coming? Unfortunately, the series hasn’t performed well in the ratings department. But that’s not always the deciding factor in situations like there. After-all, summer television is made to be a bit bonkers at times, right?

And while the 2016 election will be over by the time a Season 2 would hit the small-screen, something tells us there will always be some sort of crazy goings-on in Congress — or Wall Street, based on that mysterious ending — for the show to riff on.

braindead laurel gareth dancing Does BrainDead deserve a Season 2?

CBS has not made any announcements regarding a series renewal, and there’s a strong chance there won’t be one, but we’re holding out hope. If nothing else, that chemistry between Laurel (Winstead) and Gareth (Aaron Tveit) really brings the whole thing together.