Jimmy Kimmel implemented a new rule at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, declaring if you didn't show up to the Emmys to accept your award, you forfeit it. He dubbed it the "Maggie Smith" rule.

Ironically enough, Maggie Smith went on to win Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, upsetting all three "Game of Thrones" actresses, who had been tapped as favorites to win.

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We're kind of on Kimmel's side on this one though.

It's not that Smith didn't impress as the Dowager in the final season of "Downton Abbey" because she did. Violet Crawley has always been and will always be one of our favorite sassy characters of all time. We'll no doubt go back and binge-watch "Downton Abbey" later this week to remind ourselves just why she won.

However, Kimmel was kind enough to point out that Smith has been nominated for an Emmy Award nine times, won three times and attended the show zero times.

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That's a pretty big slap in the face, if we've ever seen one. Excellence deserves to be awarded, but if you're not going to show up to claim your award, we're willing to bet the five other actresses who did are pretty peeved -- not to mention more than willing to wrench that gold statue right out of your ungrateful hands.

Ben Mendelsohn also failed to show up to claim his Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series award, so we vote that trophy gets passed to Kit Harington under the table if possible.