Before "Impastor" returns for Season 2 on TV Land, Zap2it is running an exclusive series of "Ask Pastor Buddy" videos where star Michael Rosenbaum answers questions in character as Buddy Dobbs.

First he tackled marijuana. Up next? Virginity.

"Dear Pastor Buddy," writes one fan. "I'm trying to stay a virgin until marriage ..."

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"Next question!" says Dobbs, who obviously does not have time for your virginity problems.

But he is totally "lit" right now.

When TV Land's comedy about a gay Lutheran pastor who is actually neither of those things returns with Season 2 premiere "The Devil Went Down to Ladner," Dora (Sara Rue), Alexa (Mircea Monroe) and Russell (Mike Kosinski) suspect something nefarious is going on with their new pastor, while Schmidt (David Rasche) finally learns the truth about Ashlee (Lindsey Gort).

"Impastor" Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land starting Sept. 28.