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“Saturday Night Live” standout Kate McKinnon is constantly refreshing as she continues to provide the iconic comedy show with her spot-on impressions. Her performances are so breathtaking that she earned herself an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series — and won on Sunday night!

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To celebrate Kate’s huge Emmy win, we would like to gift this list of her five best impressions on the NBC sketch comedy show.

1. Justin Bieber

How she mimics Justin Bieber’s poses are incredible. The Biebs is known for his camera-ready glances. Luckily for us, the photogenic pop singer keeps making headlines so that McKinnon can rock his sleeve tattoos and highlighted short hairdo. Her lines as Bieber constantly remind us how immature the performer is in real life.

2. Ellen DeGeneres

Her impression of the talk show host is so spot on that she was invited as a guest on “The Ellen Show” and is encouraged to whip out her impersonation. Both comediennes dress alike and dance with audience members on the show. DeGeneres herself praises the “SNL” star having her mannerisms down, although the TV icon never actually says, “I’m Ellen!”

3. Ann Romney

This may not be what the the wife of Mitt Romney is like, but one can definitely imagine. McKinnon’s Romney came on “Weekend Update” to defend her husband and presidential candidate, Mitt. In her interview with Seth Meyers, she also pronounced that she is a big Beyoncé fan and even invited the Obama-supporting songstress to go apple picking. The funniest moment is Romney exaggerating the the pop star’s name, Bay-on-say.

4. Angela Merkel

Her impression of the German Chancellor is pure gold as she discusses the relationship between Germany and America in a flawless German accent. McKinnon’s impression was so good, that Merkel is a reoccurring guest on “Weekend Update.” The top job in Germany makes the German politician lonely and hilarious at the same time.

5. Jane Lynch

McKinnon takes on the role of Jane Lynch –“America’s #2 lesbian” — in an “SNL” sketch mocking “Hollywood Game Night.” “I’m here to keep Ellen on her toes,” McKinnon asserts as Lynch. The “SNL” star masters the “Glee” alum as she delivers quips to throughout the night of the celebrity game show.

… and it’s not an impression, but just for good measure, we can’t possibly leave out our all-time favorite Kate sketch — as she portrays a victim of alien abduction. Congrats on your Emmy win, Kate!