Lucy Lawless is the latest subject in Mode website’s “My Life” series. The former “Xena: Warrior Princess” star admits she used to hate fighting on screen, but has now come to embrace her kick-butt action star roles.

“I have to confess, I always hated fighting before. My whole life, it was awful, having to be expected to do that all through ‘Xena.’ Now I actually enjoy that aspect of my job. Now I’m proud of it,” says the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” star in Zap2it’s exclusive debut her “My Life” story.

Lawless also posits that being a female action star is definitely harder than for her male counterparts.

“In terms of action stars, females wear a lot less clothes, so you can hide a lot less padding, so I think it hurts more to be a female action star,” she says, adding that on her current show she has to put up with a lot of gross scenes.

“There’s really no way to prepare for having a giant phlegm ball being hocked at your face or being vomited on by your demon spawn. You just have to roll with it, just let it happen. I say just love the phlegm.”

Apparently her tough on-screen characters have also bled into her personal life a bit.

“I don’t have hobbies … [but] I am like totally a Deadite assassin,” she quips.

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