It’s the final days of summer which means the onslaught of fall television is right around the corner. That also means “Saturday Night Live” is gearing up for it’s Season 42 premiere.

Recently making news for releasing Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah from their contracts, fans of the show may be speculating what new direction the long-running sketch series will take. It’s also worth noting the importance of this upcoming season given the fact that it’s an election year.

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On Monday (Sept. 12), “SNL” announced on Twitter the three new additions to their cast will be Mikey Day, Alex Moffat and Melissa Villaseñor. Who are these comics and how will the contribute to the new episodes? Let’s take a closer look …

Mikey Day

Mikey Day may be a new face to “SNL” audiences, but he comes into the new season with some great experience under his belt. Contributing to the writing staff since 2013, Day was the one behind popular sketches like “Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base” sketch and the “Dead Poets Society”-inspired “Farewell Mr. Bunting.”

If these two sketches are any signal of what to expect from Season 42, it looks like the new episodes will come with a renewed sense of edgy geek cred which is something the show has been missing, for the most part, since the disappearance of Lonely Island’s Digital Shorts.

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Alex Moffat

alex moffat headshot Saturday Night Live: What you need to know about Season 42s new cast members

Alex Moffat, like many Chicago sketch actors before him, is a newbie to the television world. Previously he made a name for himself with popular performances at Chicago’s Second City Theater — which bred “SNL” legends like John Belushi, Bill Murray and Chris Farley.

He starred in his own one-man show at The Annoyance Theater and given the assumed prevalence of Hillary Clinton sketches coming this fall, we have a feeling Moffat will replace Darrell Hammond as the show’s new Bill Clinton impersonator. After-all, he played the former president in a “Broadway Musical Karaoke Spectacular.”

Melissa Villaseñor

Not only is Melissa Villaseñor the first ever woman of Latin descent to be cast on “SNL,” she may take over as the show’s go-to impressionist.

Seriously, Kate McKinnon might have some major competition here as Villaseñor is coming to Season 42 with a packed bag of characters from Owen Wilson to Hillary Clinton.