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We know we’re not the only ones who noticed that Season 6 of “Suits” has been light on a particular relationship, so we couldn’t help but ask ourselves what gives? Are Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) ever going to get their act together?

After years of waiting for Donna and Harvey to take a step away from platonic soulmates and one towards romance, “Suits” Season 5 finally seemed to be steering the couple in that direction.

An all-important “I love you” was finally spoke aloud, and even through all their turmoil and anger, Donna made another very big move; she stopped being Harvey’s assistant.

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Now, having a character refuse to work with or even talk to the man most fans are hoping she’ll get together with might seem like a strange move for a TV show to make, but we’re of the mind that it was actually a step in the right direction for Harvey and Donna’s romance. After all, if they were ever going to be “together,” Harvey probably shouldn’t be her boss at the same time, right?

So why has “Suits” seemed to be steering these two towards friendship, lately, instead of romance?

Whereas a good chunk of Season 5 was all about Harvey’s abandonment issues and his deep and complicated feelings for Donna, Season 6 has almost ignored that dynamic altogether in favor of focusing on Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) imprisonment and the firm’s financial troubles. Could “Suits” be second-guessing the merits of its longest running relationship?

Doubtful. Don’t worry ‘shippers, there’s actually a pretty good explanation for this artful dodge, if you ask us.

Before “Suits” Season 6 even premiered, USA renewed the show for a seventh season, meaning the brilliant minds behind your favorite legal drama knew they’d have a whole host of episodes to blow through over the next two years.

Rather than dedicate yet another season to the will they/won’t they of Harvey and Donna, “Suits” smartly decided to put them on the back burner and let Mike’s legal troubles take center stage. Seeing as how Mike’s fraudulent legal career is technically the premise of the entire show, we’re glad it’s been getting its due this year.

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As much as we love their dynamic, the culmination of Donna and Harvey’s relationship has never felt like something that will fluidly be incorporated into the body of the show one day. It’s always been an “endgame” type of possibility, which unfortunately means we probably shouldn’t expect this friendship to make moves in a romantic direction until the end is in sight for “Suits.”

It’s a bummer, but we’d rather see Harvey and Donna ride off into a well-dressed Manhattan sunset together than watch them break up and make up countless times until the series finale rolls around.

Patience is a virtue, and we’re chock full of it when it comes to this particular romance.

“Suits” airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.