aspen considering 14 mph speed limit gi 14 mph speed limit in Aspen if city council gets its wayThe Aspen, Col. City Council has an idea to slow down drivers who cut through neighborhoods to avoid traffic. According to the Aspen Times, they have asked city staff to look into the possibility of lowering the residential area speed limit to 14 miles per hour, down from the current 25 mph.

Originally, Mayor Mick Ireland had suggested 18 mph, thinking it would stand out as such a unique speed limit. The city council didn’t seem to find that low enough, and settled on 14.

The change will cost over $27,000 in new signs, according to City Engineer Trish Aragon. Aragon’s office receives complaints about people speeding through neighborhoods, however she says, “From an engineering perspective, we don’t see that they’re speeding. But the perception still is that vehicles are speeding through the neighborhood.”

She says the city conducted a “speed study” that shows the average driver travels slower than 25 mph in neighborhoods, but the community still believes people are going too fast.

So, chances are there will still be complaints, regardless of the speed limit. Perhaps the best idea is to just outlaw cars, altogether.