Update: The new Pope has been chosen.

After Pope Benedict XVI became the first Pope to step down from the post in nearly 600 years, the 115 senior cardinals have convened in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to elect the new Pope.

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The live stream video above shows the comings and goings outside the Sistine Chapel. When a new Pope is chosen, white smoke will come billowing out of the vent on the roof.

So far, the smoke has remained black, which means the first three votes have failed to elect the 266th Pope. One candidate must receive 77 votes in order to be elected the new Pope.

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Rev. Thomas Reese tells Fox News, “We have not had a conclave over five days since 1831. So if they are in there over five days, we know they are in trouble; they are having a hard time forming consensus around a particular person.”