abigail breslin teen choice awards 2013 Abigail Breslin at the Teen Choice Awards: What a difference 4 years can make

Those who tuned into the 2013 Teen Choice Awards saw an interesting sight: Abigail Breslin is all grown up. The 17-year-old actress isn’t the little girl everyone remembers from “Signs” and “Little Miss Sunshine” anymore. She’s practically an adult now.
The comparison above shows just how grown up she is. The photo on the right is from when Breslin walked the Teen Choice Awards red carpet in 2009, to promote “Zombieland.” It’s a far cry from the woman who is starring in “Ender’s Game.”
The most curious change is the very blonde hair she’s now rocking. It’s a stark contract from her normally-dark locks and pretty jolting to see. Maybe it’s for a movie? Any way you look at it, Breslin isn’t much of a kid anymore. Next year she can vote.