adam carolla sued donny misraje gi Adam Carolla sued by childhood friend Donny Misraje over published photos

There’s nothing pretty about former friends at war, but unfortunately that’s the position podcaster Adam Carolla finds himself in. He’s being sued by a friend from his childhood that he’s known for 30 years.
Donny Misraje alleges he owns the copyrights to two photos Carolla used in his 2012 memoir, “Not Taco Bell Material.” Misraje says he took the photos of a young Carolla and is seeking unspecified damages, according to TMZ. The weird twist is that he also wants the unsold copies of the book recalled and turned over “for destruction.” That’s a pretty harsh thing to do to a former friend.
This is the second lawsuit Misraje has against Carolla. The first, which is still pending, could be a clue as to what ended their friendship in the first place. Originally Misraje worked with Carolla to build his podcast network, but was let go in 2011 after clashing with business managers that were brought in. He’s suing for breach of contract.