Remember Rebecca Black and that video that just would not die, “Friday”? Well, the man behind that song and video is back with his newest autotuned tween singer and this time things are just getting weird. The singer’s name is Alison Gold and her song is called “Chinese Food.”
Patrice Wilson, the mastermind behind Ark Music Factory, wrote the track and it’s already stirring some controversy. Firstly, the song is about a 12-year-old girl who loves getting Chinese takeout after clubbing the night away, which tweens don’t do. At a certain point she dances around with an adult in a panda bear costume, before taking the person home for a slumber party with her young friends.
That’s when the panda’s head comes off, revealing none other than Wilson himself. He proceeds to rap a verse of the song in a stereotypical “Asian” voice. Then Gold and her friends dress as Geisha girls and have a pillow fight with Wilson.
In perhaps the strangest part of the video, it ends with Wilson, as the panda bear, tossing a fortune cookie to Gold and flying away on a rainbow.
What do you think of “Chinese Food”? Is it better or worse than “Friday?”