taylor swift hair ama 2010  AMA Awards 2010: Taylor Swift's kiss kiss, bang bang hairShow of hands: Who’s more than a bit tired of Taylor Swift‘s tasteful but rather dated award show up-dos? Us too.

Well, Taylor certainly threw us for a loop Sunday (Nov. 21) night when she showed up for the American Music Awards. Her locks were not only straight and several shades lighter, but she’s sporting a heavy bang as well.

Just like last year, Taylor went home a winner, but in 2009 she was all about being the super talented 19-year-old who was dating “Twilight’s” teen wolf Taylor Lautner. Her loose messy curls reflected that. Now, a mere 12 months later, she’s growing up and hooking up with the likes of John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The new hair sends a clear — more adult — message, but also take a look at how the baby fat has melted away from her face.

What do you think? Is she maturing the right way (no offense Miley) or is she putting away those childhood things too soon?