amanda bynes getty 2 Amanda Bynes in car accident   but not a hit and runAmanda Bynes has been involved in yet another car accident, reports TMZ. She was driving in the San Fernando Valley Monday night (Aug. 20) around 8 p.m. local time when a car rear-ended her rental car.

The driver of the other car is claiming that Bynes was driving recklessly and triggered the collision. The police were called, but no one was issued a ticket or citation.

Bynes is driving a rental car because her BMW is in the shop, after a hit-and-run accident a little over two weeks ago. That Aug. 4 incident was her third hit-and-run since May 5, in addition to a DUI on April 6. Police also say she ran out on them when they were writing her a citation for driving while talking on her cell phone, which is illegal in California.

Perhaps Bynes should look into hiring a driver.