amanda bynes long term psychiatric hold approved Amanda Bynes' long term psychiatric hospitalization approved   Report

It sounds like Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hospital is indeed being extended. It was initially reported that doctors would recommend to a judge that Amanda be hospitalized long-term. Now, TMZ says that the judge has approved their request, meaning Amanda could be held for up to a year.
A source says that’s not the plan, though. Doctors reportedly want to take 60 days to stabilize Bynes before moving her to her mother’s house. Lynn Bynes is still Amanda’s temporary conservator, until September 30. The judge has not ruled whether or not her status will be upgraded to permanent. Amanda’s reps tell “Entertainment Tonight” that she’s “improving daily and responding well” to her treatment.
This all began when Bynes was taken into custody on July 23, after starting a fire on a stranger’s driveway in California. She was then admitted to a psychiatric facility on an involuntary hold.