amanda bynes twitter pudgy Amanda Bynes 'looking pudgy' but 'feeling so fresh' this weekFormer child star Amanda Bynes created quite a stir over the weekend with her raunchy Drake tweet, though she did spark some hilarious reactions on Twitter.

But after said tweet, Bynes’ Twitter feed went radio silence for a while — until Tuesday (March 26), when she decided to offer up several recent pics of herself and the commentary that she’s “looking pudgy” and broke a nail but is “feeling so fresh today.”

We aren’t really sure what’s going on with that outfit — a blue flower-patterned corset top and a skirt that kind of looks like it was made by Maria Von Trapp. It also definitely looks like Amanda is staying in a hotel.

But hey, as long as she’s not asking someone to murder her vagina, it’s a step in the right direction.

amanda bynes fresh twitter Amanda Bynes 'looking pudgy' but 'feeling so fresh' this week