amanda bynes weird fun tweets twitter Amanda Bynes says people in wigs are posing as her

Just because other people that look like Amanda Bynes are doing strange things while wearing wigs doesn’t mean they actually are her. Then again, it also doesn’t mean they’re not her.
Amanda seems to have taken what will surely be a very brief hiatus from calling people ugly to defend herself over sightings she claims aren’t her. 
First, Amanda was upset about a video of someone in a blonde wig dancing their way down the street in New York City that was posted by Complex. They say it’s Amanda, but she claims it’s not and she’s suing.
Things took a step onto TV when “The View” featured a story about Bynes eating soup and acting strange at an Upper West Side restaurant. They even included a photo of someone in that familiar wig, who may or may not be Amanda, eating soup.
Of course, Bynes says that’s also not her. “There is someone posing as me who looks nothing like me! ew,” she tweets. She ended her series of tweets saying that her lawyer would have every “fake” story about her wiped off the internet.
Good luck, Amanda.