cordelia fiona sacred taking american horror story coven 'American Horror Story: Coven' 'Sacred Taking': War is comingThe witches’ war is in full swing this week on “American Horror Story: Coven,” with Queenie having officially picked a side and the Salem descendants ready to fight back. Read on for a few spoiler-y tidbits for “The Sacred Taking.”

  • Zoe no longer has to be the one in charge of saving the coven. Cordelia’s ready to rock. It’s time for her mother to pass the torch and get a new, freshly powerful Supreme to lead them.
  • In doing so, Cordelia must make a move against her own mother with the help of the other witches. But do they have the stones to pull it off? And will it even work against Fiona?
  • Neighbors Joan and Luke Ramsey are back and let’s just say their relationship is part Constance/Addie Langdon and part Kyle/Alicia Spencer. So that’s … special.
  • Speaking of Kyle, it’s becoming clear which one of his two lady loves he prefers and the other one is quite jealous and hurt.
  • On the voodoo side of things, Marie Laveau has Queenie out committing nefarious acts as she brings her into the fold.
  • And Marie’s special helper Hank is also on the prowl, driving Misty Day and Myrtle into the coven house.
  • Poor Fiona’s cancer just gets worse and worse — “I’m starting to look less Samantha and more Endora every day.”

Get excited for “The Sacred Taking” — the ritual the episode is named after is pretty neat. We hope to see more coven rituals in the final handful of episodes.