american horror story season 2 picture 'American Horror Story' Season 2 spoilers: A Halloween episode and more“American Horror Story” fans, show creator Ryan Murphy has been a veritable font of information about the second season of the creepy show lately on Twitter. On his official account Tuesday (Aug. 7), he hosted a Q&A with fans and divulged some excellent juicy tidbits, including that there is a Halloween episode coming right out of the gate.

Fan: “If I didn’t watch the first season, can I start watching now without being confused?”
Ryan Murphy: “Totally! It’s a completely new story.”

Fan: “Will there be ANY parallels to Season 1? Lines, paintings, details, anything?”
RM: “Not a single thing… except some of the actors.”

Fan: “I’m dying to know if Jessica Lange plays a villain or heroine…”
RM: “A little of both. : )”

Fan: “Are you planning on a Halloween/Christmas themed episode again this season?”
RM: “Yes! The second episode is our amazing Halloween episode.”

Fan: “Is Bloody Face a significant element in Season 2?”
RM: “Bloody Face is this year’s Rubber Man.”

Fan: “Is the ‘theme song’ from the opening credits last season still going to be used? It was perfectly eerie.”
RM: “We are shooting a new title sequence with the same team that did last year’s. The song may stay… not sure.”

Fan: “How many episodes will this season have?”
RM: “This season will have 13 episodes. 7 already written!”

“American Horror Story” returns to FX in October.