Jessica Sanchez took on Whitney Houston’s biggest song in “I Will Always Love You” for the “American Idol” Top 13 performance night. She must be feeling better – because she pretty much nailed it and that is not easy to do.

There were tiny moments of non-perfection, but honestly, it was almost perfect. We won’t be posting a poll asking “Who sang it better, Whitney or Jessica?” because that would be silly. Jessica was awesome, but Whitney is Whitney. But we will say – we think Jessica out-sang Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy rendition. (Though, to be fair, J-Hud was pretty choked up, so she didn’t sound her best.)

What did you think, “Idol” fans? Could we possibly see a girl-girl final for the first time since Season 3? How amazing would that be. (Just for the record, we’d put our money on Jessica and Hollie.)