Things got a little awkward during Will Ferrell’s appearance on “Katie,” airing Monday (Dec. 23). You see, the funny man’s “Anchorman 2” counterpart, Ron Burgundy, has written and released an autobiography that includes a pretty salacious passage about Katie Couric.
Ferrell was good enough to share the segment with Katie and her audience, which reads, “For starters, just to put to rest a rumor floating around, I did make love to Katie Couric. It was wonderfully slow and filled with passion. This was about two months ago.” As the audience laughs, Will continues with the story of their chance encounter, reading, “‘Where’s your new fiance’, I ask. ‘We all gotta break away, right Ron?’ And then she puts her foot on my crotch and that’s as far as I’m going to take this tale.”
Katie shouldn’t be too worried, surely her fiance will understand just how irresistible Ron Burgundy is.