Well, Anderson Cooper won’t be saving the world from monsters anytime soon. During a segment on his daily syndicated talk show, “Anderson Live,” Cooper came face to face with one, and backed down. While talking to Padma Lakshmi, a staffer in a Bigfoot costume decided to sneak up behind him.
When Anderson saw Bigfoot, he exclaimed “Whoa, Jesus!” and jumped away from the desk. Of course, he figured out it was a prank pretty quickly, but couldn’t stop laughing as he walked away from the desk.
Padma wasn’t as startled as Anderson, but towards the end of the bit, claims she peed her pants. When questioned about it by Anderson, she says, “A little. Just a little.” This is the kind of entertainment that will be missing from television this Fall, as “Anderson Live!” was canceled after two seasons, and will end its run this Summer.