apophis doomsday asteroid Apophis: 'Doomsday Asteroid' flying by the earth tonightWe may not be in any danger of being hit by the asteroid, but Apophis will pass by the earth tonight at a distance of 9.3 million miles. The so-called “Doomsday Asteroid” is actually 20% bigger than previously thought, according to CBS News.

The “Doomsday” moniker was originally given to the asteroid due to the belief that it had a 2% chance of impacting the earth when it passes us again in 2029. Further studies have ruled out that possibility, however. Astronomers are now tracking the asteroid to determine how close it will be when it makes another pass by Earth in 2036.

The Slooh Space Camera will be live streaming Apophis as it flies by the earth tonight at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern.