iphone 6 5s september 10 gi Apple's new iPhone coming September 10? What to expect

It may be that time of year again, when Apple unveils their brand new iPhone. A new report from All Things D says the company plans to announce their next iPhone on September 10 at a special event.
As things tend to go with new Apple products, there are no concrete details about what will be included with the phone, but there are rumors. Most expect a fingerprint scanner to be a new feature, along with the possibility of a larger screen.
It’s also believed that Apple may introduce a new lower-priced version of their latest phone. In the past the company has simply offered the previous year’s model at a reduced price. The company could reduce the price on a newer model by releasing it in a plastic case with different hardware powering it.
How much of this becomes a reality is up for debate, but if All Things D has it right, and they typically do, it won’t be long before the world finds out. Keep an eye on September 10.