urx unit loader Oddsmaker: Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend after Demi Moore likely Scarlett Johannson
kutcher scarlett getty Oddsmaker: Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend after Demi Moore likely Scarlett JohannsonWhile break-up rumors surround Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, off-shore gaming site PowerPaddy.com is already taking bets on who Kutcher’s next squeeze will be.

And the lucky lady is Scarlett Johansson. Or at least she’s the odds-on favorite at 8:1.

Johansson, best known in recent days for having her phone hacked resulting in her naked pictures ending up everywhere, beat out a formidable bevy of beauties including the newly single Jennifer Lopez (12:1) and Eva Longoria (12:1). Also in the field, should Kutcher begin playing the field, are a couple of “Friends” Courtney Cox (25:1) and Jennifer Aniston (33:1).

The group of single ladies seems to skew older, perhaps reflecting Kutcher’s age gap with Moore. The oldest in the group is the 77-year-old actress Sophia Loren who, if she lands Kutcher, pays off at a hefty 90:1.

In a related note, the site has the odds of their divorce at a 2:5. So, in the eyes of the oddsmaker, divorce is pretty much a done deal.

Here’s the full list and what the pay outs are.

Scarlett Johansson – 8:1
Jennifer Lopez – 12:1    
Eva Longoria – 12:1
Linsday Lohan – 16:1
Hayden Panettiere – 16:1
Audrina Patridge – 20:1
Liz Hurley – 20:1
Courtney Cox – 25:1
Paris Hilton – 25:1
Rihanna – 25:1
Christina Aguilera – 33:1
Bar Rafaeli – 33:1
Kylie Minogue – 33:1
Jennifer Aniston – 33:1
Madonna – 33:1
Cheryl Cole – 33:1
Geri Halliwell – 40:1
Lady GaGa – 40:1
Dannii Minogue – 40:1
Britney Spears – 40:1
Sienna Miller – 40:1
Paula Abdul – 40:1
Imogen Thomas – 50:1
Kelly Brook – 50:1
Adele – 50:1
Amy Childs – 80:1
Sophia Loren – 90:1