In a new preview for “The Bachelor” starring Ben Flajnik, there are all sorts of things to see – Ben proposes to Ashley and gets rejected, Ben drives a boat, Ben makes out with a girl in a hot tub.

But really nothing can top the two bachelorettes who are featured in the video arriving at the mansion for the meet ‘n greet – one girl shows up on horseback, which … OK. That’s weird, but whatever.

And then somebody’s MeeMaw shows up, declaring, “I fell madly in love with you.”

OK, please let this be a fun joke about a lady who watches the show, became very fond of Ben and then applied as a funny joke. Please tell us she’s there and it’ll be all cute and she’s in on it and stuff. Because if it’s not that – if she’s taking it seriously and the show is taking it seriously – then that’s just going to be sad. And super, super weird.

“The Bachelor” premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.