Last time Ben Stiller appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Ellen gifted him with some underwear for his wife, so it only seems right that on his return to the show she would do the same for him.
Stiller, a “Star Trek” fan, was gifted with some very colorful underwear with communicator belt buckles and things like “Beam Me Up Scottie” and “Trekkie” written across the behind. They’re the perfect gift, really.
Stiller also talked about putting his hand prints in cement for the legendary TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. “It felt like a weird dream,” he says. Tom Cruise being on hand to introduce the whole event certainly didn’t make it not weird. The only person not in attendance was Ben’s dad, Jerry Stiller. The veteran funny man wanted to be there for his son, but Ben told him he didn’t have to. “He said, ‘Please, I want to come out. I could use the publicity’,” Ben jokes.