To celebrate Betty White‘s 90th birthday, which is January 17, famous TV stars and comedians gathered together for a star-studded bash that aired Monday night (Jan. 16) on NBC. Check out this clip for some highlights.

“Betty, you’re going to hear a lot of jokes tonight about your age. But take comfort in the fact that come tomorrow, you won’t remember any of them,” says Amy Poehler.

“Like many of you, I first heard about Betty from the wonderful stories told to me by my grandmother,” says the 78-year-old Carol Burnett.

“Chuck” star Zachary Levi actually proposes: “I would like to be the mother of your children … I think that this could really work out in a myriad of ways. I’d take your last name … Zach White sounds good, plus Betty Levi is like Carol Channing’s weird sister in ‘Hello Dolly.'”

Betty then lays one on Zachary. You go, Betty. And happy 90th birthday!