Beyonce praises fan's cover of 'Countdown'The ruling queen of pop music Beyonc� is praising a 16-year-old fan’s cover of her single “Countdown.”

Armed with a blue Snuggie, Ton Do-Nguyen imitates Beyonc�’s video almost move-for-move for fun in a near perfect cover. Do-Nguyen doesn’t attempt to sing Beyonc�’s hit but instead lip-syncs it while performing the star’s choreography.

Beyonc� recognized the hard work of the fan on her personal Tumblr saying, “I think he did this video better than I did.” The video, which Do-Nguyen says took him months to complete, has 798,819 views on YouTube.

According to Gothamist, Do-Nguyen was surprised by Beyonc�’s recognition and response.

“The very moment of seeing my face on Beyonc�’s website had to be the best moment of my life,” he says. “I can’t even find words to describe how I felt. Knowing that my number one idol, the Queen B, had merely seen my video was enough to send me over the moon.”

Beyonc� is currently featured in an Obama campaign ad thanks to her praise of First Lady Michelle Obama. As of February 2012 she began work on two new albums and will next be seen as Queen Tara in 20th Century Fox’s animated film “Epic”.