billy bob thornton entourage gi Billy Bob Thornton negotiating to join 'Entourage' movie

With production on the “Entourage” movie in full swing, there will be yet another famous face popping up on screen. Billy Bob Thornton is in negotiations for a role that sheds a little light on the plot of the film.
According to THR, Thornton will play a billionaire financing a movie about Dracula, who sends his son to Hollywood to take care of the investment. This sounds like the kind of project Vince (Adrian Grenier) would be involved in. Perhaps Ari (Jeremy Piven) somehow landed his boy a vampire movie.
Other names that have been tossed around as possibly appearing in the movie are Kate Upton and Leonardo DiCaprio, who was reportedly considering a cameo. The “Entourage” movie is aiming for a Thanksgiving 2014 release.