billy joel alexa ray joel daughter gi Billy Joel's daughter Alexa Ray Joel gets a bodyguard due to cyber stalker   report

A new report says musician Billy Joel has hired a bodyguard to look after his daughter. According to the Daily Telegraph, Joel hired the bodyguard for his daughter Alexa Ray Joel to protect her from an alleged cyber-stalker. Joel also reportedly retained the services of an internet security firm after a recommendation from Paul McCartney.
The alleged stalker, Sheryl Finley, was found naked in the Minnesota woods by local police, before she was charged. Finley is accused of sending dozens of messages to Alexa, some involving sexual assault and references to rape and murder. 
After hiring the bodyguard, Joel is said to have contacted McCartney, who recommended a private internet security firm in Europe, who allegedly located Finley. The paper says Finley told law enforcement that she didn’t plan to carry out her threats “during this life.”
Finley has been charged with a felony, and a gross misdemeanor, related to stalking through electronic messages. ABC News reports that she has entered a not guilty plea, with a pre-trial hearing scheduled in a few weeks.