romona bo obama first dog youtube Bo Obama gets YouTube marriage proposal from Goldendoodle

If it helps get a high school kid to have Kate Upton as his prom date, why wouldn’t it work for dogs? Bo Obama, the First Dog of the United States, has been formally invited to an event held by the Oregon Humane Society. The invite comes from a Goldendoodle named Ramona.
Set to the Marvelettes’ song “Please Mr. Postman,” the video shows Ramona thinking of various ways to get in touch with Bo to invite him to the Doggie Dash. When Twitter, Facebook, and a phone call don’t work, Ramona writes Bo an old fashioned letter.
The group is asking Bo to serve as Grand Dog Marshall for the event, and even offers Ramona’s paw in marriage. No response from Bo or the White House yet, but Ramona has her own Twitter account to get the word out about the invite, and a petition has been created.