toy story 3 pixar Box Office: 'Toy Story 3' to $109 million and beyond!“Toy Story 3” is looking like another Pixar hit, as estimates have its opening weekend box office earnings at $109 million, easily good for first place. It also keeps the string of Pixar opening weekend No. 1s intact at 11 in a row.

“The Karate Kid” remake with Jaden Smith is in a distant second at $29 million. “The A-Team” is the only other movie to break into double-digit millions with $13.8. Rounding out the top 5 movies are “Get Him to the Greek” with $6.1 million and “Shrek Forever After” with $5.5 million.

Interestingly, “Jonah Hex” was in the Top 5 after Friday night but fell all the way to eighth after Saturday, being passed by “Greek”, “Prince of Persia” and “The Killers.” “Persia’s” $5.3 million was good for sixth place and “The Killers” $5.1 million was good for seventh. “Hex” just trailed “Killers” at $5.08 million for eighth place.

The complete top 12 looks like this, with weekend totals followed by overall totals:

“Toy Story 3”                 $109 M, $109 M
“The Karate Kid”            $29 M, $106.3 M
“The A-Team”                $13.8 M, $49.8 M
“Get Him to the Greek”  $6.1M, $47.9 M
“Shrek Forever After”     $5.5 M, $222.9 M
“Prince of Persia”          $5.3 M, $80.5 M
“The Killers”                  $5.1 M, $39.4 M
“Jonah Hex”                  $5.08 M, $5.08 M
“Iron Man 2”                  $2.7 M, $304 M
“Marmaduke”                $2.7 M, $27.9 M
“Sex and the City 2”      $2.4 M, $90.2 M
“Robin Hood”                $1.3 M, $102 M

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credit: Walt Disney Pictures