cheyenne woods tiger woods us open Cheyenne Woods surprises uncle Tiger Woods at U.S. Open press conference

Eventually, you’d expect there would be no way to throw Tiger Woods off during a press conference. He’s been through just about everything by now, so keeping his game face shouldn’t be a problem.
That is, unless he gets a question from someone he didn’t expect. Tiger was appearing at a press conference for the U.S. Open Tuesday (June 11) when a member of the media asked, “The U.S. Open is usually one of the most grueling weeks of golf. So what would you do off the course in order to be at ease and relax?”
Instead of answering the questions, Tiger laughed, at a loss for words, Yahoo reports. “Didn’t expect that,” he offered. What he didn’t expect was that the person asking the question was his niece, Cheyenne Woods. 22-year-old Cheyenne is a professional golfer herself, after making her debut at the 2012 LPGA Championship.
It didn’t take long for Tiger to play along, finally answering the question, “Well, off the course, we have a great crew at the house and we’re going to have fun. Tomorrow, make sure you’re — is it 6:30 dinner? Is that all right? Okay. Perfect.”
Now that’s a fun way to kick off the U.S. Open, which begins Thursday (June 13). Much more entertaining than the questions he got earlier in the press conference about the Sergio Garcia controversy.