chow masters big apple breakfast travel channel 'Chow Masters' preview: Did they find New York's best breakfast?

“Chow Masters” is making its Travel Channel debut Tuesday (April 22) with four back-to-back episodes, taking viewers on a culinary journey of comfort food across the United States. What does that mean? Hosts Sammy DeMarco and Frank Coraci are on the hunt for food that isn’t necessarily healthy, inasmuch as it’s deep fried or covered in cheese … or both.
In the first episode, the boys head to New York City in search of the perfect breakfast. In the clips below, they try out two different sandwiches and seem just fine with getting food on themselves. If you’ve been waiting for a poached egg that has also been deep fried, this is the show for you.
“Chow Masters” premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel.