chris noth sex and the city fat Chris Noth was too fat for 'Sex and the City' movie

There have been many tales of actresses who have been told to lose weight to get a role, but that doesn’t mean guys don’t deal with the same sort of pressure sometimes. Chris Noth, who starred as Mr. Big on “Sex and the City” says a director confronted him before the show’s movie continuation.
Noth, who also starred on “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” was being interviewed by HuffPo when the topic came up. “[Director] Michael Patrick King came up to me and said, ‘We’re not calling you Mr. Big because of the size of your stomach, so go lose that before we start shooting’,” the actor recalls.
Chris took it all in stride, as he admits in the interview he loves food and eating. By the time the movie rolled around, he was back in true Mr. Big form and even played the role again in the movie’s sequel.