christina aguilera halloween costume ripped dress black boots Christina Aguilera's Halloween costume: Any guesses?Celebrities love Halloween — every year, oodles of them go all out to put together really elaborate and fun costumes. However, Christina Aguilera‘s ensemble from over the weekend has us a bit puzzled.

The songstress donned a ripped up leotard/skirt thing exposing an orange and yellow bra, wrist guards, fishnets and big black boots, topped off by a purple fright wig and a crown. Pictures of Xtina and boyfriend Matt Rutler here.

What do you think she’s supposed to be? The wig makes us think of Magenta from “Rocky Horror,” but the rest of the outfit doesn’t fit. The ripped dress thing with the boots is maybe scary spiderwoman hooker? It’s really hard to tell.

Leave your best guesses in the comments.