christina hendricks getty wonder woman Christina Hendricks 'would love' to play Wonder WomanChristina Hendricks plays the quietly-in-charge office manager Joan on “Mad Men,” but she would not be against donning the red, white and blue and picking up a golden lasso as the new big screen Wonder Woman.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn, whom Hendricks worked with on “Drive,” has told The Playlist if his remake of “Logan’s Run” does well, he may get to do “Wonder Woman” and Hendricks is his choice as the star. He thinks Christina “would be the perfect Wonder Woman.”

Hendricks tells Access Hollywood, “I loved working
with Nicolas so much, he’s such an incredibly talented director. If he gets to direct ‘Wonder
Woman,’ then I would love to do it with him.”

What do you think, Pop2it readers? Would Christina Hendricks make a good Wonder Woman?