clint eastwood swatted swatting gi Clint Eastwood swatted: Joins Justin Bieber and Chris Brown on victims list   report

Add another celebrity to the list of people that have been swatted. “Dirty Harry” himself, Clint Eastwood, is the latest in a long line of celebrity victims. According to TMZ, police rushed to Eastwood’s Los Angeles home this week, after a 911 call stated that men with assault weapons were inside the actor’s house, and people had been shot.
When police arrived, they were unable to determine if anyone was home, also finding no men with weapons. Officials aren’t too happy about the prank, because each time they have to dispatch units, it’s a waste of resources. 
The list of victim’s reads like a who’s who of Hollywood elite, including Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, and Ashton Kutcher. A 12-year-old boy has been charged with swatting Kutcher and Bieber, but no charges have been filed against anyone for the other prank calls.