cougar town 0214 ratings 'Cougar Town,' 'GCB,' 'Missing': Keep 'em or kill 'em?The unofficial start of the 2012-13 TV season, the broadcast network upfronts, is only about six weeks away, which means the fates will soon be decided for on-the-bubble network programs. To kick off Bubble Watch 2012, Zap2it is asking you to cast your votes for the shows that might be in danger – Keep ‘Em or Kill ‘Em?

For ABC, a number of shows are locks – “Modern Family,” “Revenge,” “Once Upon a Time.” But there are a handful of shows that are still up in the air – “Body of Proof,” “Cougar Town,” “GCB,” “Missing” and “The River.” So vote below for which ones you’d like to see stick around.

“Body of Proof”

The case for it: Even though it routinely finishes second to CBS’ “Unforgettable” in its timeslot, the margin is not usually very wide, with “Body of Proof” sometimes tying for first in the 18-49 demo.

The case against it: Compared to other ABC shows, the “Body of Proof” renew/cancel index number is very low – in fact, it’s lower than a couple shows that have already been canceled.

“Cougar Town”

The case for it: Really the only thing keeping “Cougar Town” in the hunt is syndication. The typical number looked for for a syndication run is 88 episodes. If it goes into its fourth season,
it will at least have a shot at syndication.

The case against it: The ratings have been even lower for its third season, as the show has never cracked 5 million viewers. Plus, several cast members have signed on for other pilots, which do play second-fiddle to “Cougar Town’s” renewal, but also doesn’t look good.


The case for it: It has held steady at around 6 million viewers. But honestly, the network would have to just really like its efforts to give it a second season.

The case against it: It loses several million off its lead-in, the final “Desperate Housewives” season, and has steadily dropped in ratings since the debut.


The case for it: It’s a little too early to tell on this one, having only aired three episodes. The premiere did fairly well at 10 million viewers.

The case against it: The ratings have fallen each week it airs. Time will tell on this one.

“The River”

The case for it: The show has built up a nice little cult following online and could continue to build on its mythology if given more episodes to play out.

The case against it: The premiere was just OK, and each episode has steadily dropped since then in the ratings, with the finale earning under 4 million viewers. It doesn’t look good for this one.