cyber stalkers preview tlc 'Cyber Stalkers' preview: The dark side of the internet is a scary place

There is nothing creepier than the dark side of the internet everyone knows exists. In “Cyber Stalker,” a new TLC special, some of the more disturbing stories of online connections are recreated. It’s like “America’s Most Wanted” meets “Catfish.”
In the clip below, Jeanette is trying to regain custody of her daughter, thanks to the help of a man she met online. Unfortunately, she learns that trusting someone you don’t know too well may come with a price.

The second clip features both sides of the internet dating world. The woman in this scenario is just looking for someone to love. However, the man she finds has other intentions.

“Cyber Stalkers” premieres on TLC Wednesday (April 9) at 10 p.m. ET.