paula abdul dancing with the stars guest judge 'Dancing With the Stars': How'd Paula Abdul do as a guest judge?How did Paula Abdul do as a guest judge on “Dancing With the Stars”? We actually think her judging a dancing show makes 100x more sense than her dancing a singing show. Not that Paula can’t sing, but in her heyday, Paula was a heckuva talented dancer and choreographer.

Some of her bon mots include:

  • “It was exquisite, it was sensual. You are a sexy beast.You captivated us.”
  • [Making fun of Bruno] “Darling, that was about as smoldering and spicy as a vindaloo.”
  • “All I can say is you two fit together like hand to glove. You look like brother and sister, you dance like you’ve been dancing together forever. The footwork was impeccable, Melissa.”
  • “Shawn, you have turned into this sexy young lady. You didn’t miss one step, you were down and dirty with the hips. You were elegant and you were shining … to me, my most favorite dance.”

We thought she was pretty enjoyable as a judge, though if she was going to be a regular, we would definitely have to sit her away from Bruno some weeks.