david bowie valentines day music video David Bowie releases creepy 'Valentine's Day' music video

David Bowie’s latest music video isn’t nearly as disturbing as the one he released for “The Next Day.” That one featured Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard, and found itself temporarily banned from YouTube.
There’s no special guest stars in Bowie’s new video, this one is all him. It certainly won’t make you feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day, though. He spends most of the song playing a guitar in some kind of abandoned complex. However, as the clip goes on, the looks he gives the camera are a little scary, to say the least. Some shots even bring to mind Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”
The video is directed by Indrani and Markus Klinko and you can see it for yourself below. Don’t look too long though, or Bowie might take your soul with the way he’s looking back.