david o russell america hustle gi David O. Russell's Abscam movie with Jennifer Lawrence gets a title

After going without a title since it was announced, David O. Russell’s next movie about the Abscam string operation in the late 1970s now has a name. The film, which came from a script originally titled “American Bulls***,” will be called “American Hustle,” according to BoxOfficeMojo.
The movie is currently in production in the Boston area and has seen interesting style choices for stars Bradley Cooper (who was sporting a perm) and Jennifer Lawrence (with crazy hair and a neck brace).
“American Hustle” stars Christian Bale as a con artist who is married to Lawrence. He and his mistress (Amy Adams) are pulled into taking part in a sting operation by an FBI agent (Cooper) that aims to expose corrupt politicians. The movie also features Robert DeNiro, Louis C.K. and Jeremy Renner. “American Hustle” is currently scheduled to receive a December 13 release in theaters.