Well here’s something no one should have ever thought was possible. Author and New Age guru Deepak Chopra appeared on “The Pete Holmes Show” recently. If you’ve got someone like Chopra on your show, naturally Kanye West needs to be a point of discussion.
Holmes let’s Deepak know that he’s mentioned in one of Kanye’s songs. The author’s first question was perfect, as he asks, “Who is he?” “Is that the ultimate expression of transcendence, when you don’t even know who Kanye West is?” Holmes asks. “Is he a priest?” Chopra wonders. Pete then explains who Kanye is and shares the lyic from “Hold My Liquor,” which reads “P**** has me floating. Feel like Deepak Chopra.”
Chopra’s interpretation of the lyrics is that Kanye is talking about Schrodinger’s Cat. “He was a quantum physicist, Schrodinger, and he spoke about the cat being dead and alive so that’s his p****.”
For some reason, it doesn’t seem like that was Kanye’s intention for that particular lyric.