matt smith karen gillan doctor who macbeth gi 'Doctor Who': Matt Smith and Karen Gillan want to do 'Macbeth' together

There’s nothing quite like seeing former “Doctor Who” stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan hanging out. Though they’ve both left the series, they still get along like the very best of friends.
They joined forces at Philadelphia’s Wizard World Comic Con for a panel discussion to answer questions form the biggest Whovians in attendance and didn’t disappoint. They share head-shaving experiences, do Batman impersonations and even propose the greatest idea of all time.
Smith wants to play Macbeth, Gillan wants to play Lady Macbeth. “Should we do that together?” Smith wonders, which Gillan quickly answers with a “Yes!” Now a theater somewhere needs to get on the ball and make this happen.
You can check out some of the best snippets from the panel, including their rendition of the “Doctor Who” theme song, below.