matt smith doctor who return gi 'Doctor Who': Matt Smith says he will 'happily' return

It hasn’t even been six months since his final episode aired, but Matt Smith already says he would be more than happy for a “Doctor Who” comeback eventually.
DoctorWhoTV reports that Smith was asked at a Wizard World Comic Con appearance about David Tennant’s return for “The Day of the Doctor.” “It was a real historic moment for me,” he says. “I always look at David and go, ‘Oh my god. It’s Doctor Who!'”
The possibility of two Doctors meeting again sounds like a definite possibility, as Smith continues, “I’ll happily come back for another anniversary!” Now, a few years just need to pass by to make it something special. Perhaps if “Doctor Who” is still kicking at 75 years old, and why wouldn’t it be, Smith and Tennant can both return for an adventure with whoever the Doctor is at that time. However, the rebooted series turns 10 in 2015, if the BBC wants to get him back in even sooner.