peter capaldi doctor who one season 'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi leaving after 1 season?

Well, this is certainly strange. Peter Capaldi is the new star of “Doctor Who,” but is he only on board the TARDIS for a single season? That’s the world going around, though it seems a little impossible.
According to the Mirror, Capaldi is rumored to be a one-season Doctor, in order to steer the show in a new direction. Is that something showrunner Steven Moffat would even bother trying? Quickly swapping out Doctors isn’t something fans would likely take well, considering their intense love for the show.
What direction is there to take the show, anyway? Capaldi is about as far away as you can get from Matt Smith, without changing race or gender. If that’s the ultimate goal, it would have been smarter to pull that trigger during Smith’s exit.
While this is most likely a totally false rumor, time will tell how much credibility there is to it. “Doctor Who” Season 8 premieres later in the year.